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Feb 9, 2013 6:00pm PST
culture overseas. how china take rang in the lunar new year. . >>> first lady michelle obama joined family and friends in chicago today at a funeral for slain 15-year-old hadia pendleton. she was shot back on january 29th, not far from the obama's chicago home. and just days after performing with her school band at the presidential inauguration. now, police have not released an official motive yet, but they believe gang members may have mistaken pendleton and her friends for a rival gang. in addition to mrs. obama, several other dignitaries attended, including illinois governor pat quinn, chicago mayor rahm emanuel, reverend jesse jackson and education secretary arne duncan. >>> president obama used his weekly address today to press congress to prevent a series of automatic spending cuts from taking place on march 1st. the president says the cuts would strike a blow to the economy at a critical time. >> at a time when economists and business leaders from across the spectrum have said our economy is poised for progress, we shouldn't allow self-inflicted wounds to put that progress in
Feb 11, 2013 6:00pm PST
tracking around the seen since the accident and that led to delays of 50 minutes. >>> president obama offered his resignation today saying his age stripped him of the strength needed to continue. >> he surprised the world by announcing he will step down february 28. he read his statement today in latin. this is the first time a pope resigned in 600 years. the big question, who will take his place? ktvu's allie rasmus is live in oakland now with more information. >> reporter: whether they were here in oakland or in other parts of the globe catholics were surprised by this news. what could this mean for the future of the church, reaction was mixed. >> reporter: noon mass went on as scheduled in san francisco this afternoon. despite the news the leader of the catholic world was resigning. >> absolutely shocked. absolutely shocked. yes. most of the 1.1 billion member church was shocked. >> reporter: pope benedict xvi will step down at the end of the month. >> this pope is saying my health can't handle this. i can't travel anymore. >> reporter: some applauded the move. >> he will be 86 in
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2